Let me tell you about Love

It’s the fifth of September 2013.

By this time next year, I would have walked down the aisle, the last few steps before this journey of preparation transforms itself into a journey of wedded love.

Just thinking about the day sets my heart racing and excitement bubbling. There are a million and one things to prepare for the Big Day. As engrossed as we already are in the preparation of all material things, we can’t help but stop and think about the true wonder of that day: our eternal union, us becoming one in the loving arms of God.

Back in Malta, it’s a must for couples to attend a two-year wedding preparation course before their Christian wedding day. An integral part of this journey was hence finding a similar course here in The Hague. Fortunately, the parish we make part of organises very interesting monthly meetings for all expat couples who wish to take this next step. Needless to say, our group is a melting pot of different nationalities. This gives us a new enlightened point of view; although our backgrounds may be completely different, we all smile or worry about the same things. Added to this, Fr Mark has generously offered to be our guide during these twelve months. With his help, each month we shall focus in our own way, and as a couple, on a different aspect of love as highlighted in St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.

So – going back to the title of this post – let me tell you all about Love. Truth is, I cannot explain Love; St Paul already did a lovely job. My humble belief though is that Love has to be experienced; it’s unique for every being and for every kind of relationship. I remember learning about the three types of love in high school (the Greeks were wise in having three versions…makes things a little clearer on the intention-side of first dates ;)).  I had completely forgotten about these until I met Richard. He was the one I fell headlessly and blindly in love with; he was the one who sought to explain our love in three simple words: agape, eros, and philos. Without going into never ending philosophical renditions, these three words were the perfect description of our relationship: best friends and lovers who happen to be unconditionally in love.

We’re now far from those first encounters, when everything was new and excitement ripe. Just like everything else, a relationship has to be worked upon, built on. Richard’s nail-biting was sweet at first, now it’s a reason for my mummy-scolding. Nonetheless, true love is a cradle, it will caress and embrace and, as of now, never disappointed. For in love, each is an extension of the other, my independence has become a warm spirited dependence on a person who is a part of me.

I will never do justice to explaining Love. I can try, and I do, but Love goes beyond what is solely of this world. These twelve months promise to be such a journey in learning more about our Love, communicating on what matters, being prepared for what comes after. For our Wedding Day may be the culmination of this journey, but its end initiates an even bigger one.

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