The recipe for a stress-free wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. More so when it’s a Gozitan one and when between the two of you, there are 32 uncles and aunties to entertain (I swear we are somehow related to half of Gozo). This baby boom generation did not keep back from generating many more offspring, with the average being close to 4 kids (now mostly adults) per couple.

Then there are our friends of course, both local and foreign. This is augmented by how we used to spend our free time in Gozo. Rich’s a pianist in a band, and I’m a scout leader: both recipes for extended social circles which go beyond our 9 to 5 acquaintances. Added to this concoction are our parents’ friends which are positively enough, quite many.

Feel free to do the math.

So as to make the run up to our wedding even more exciting (/stressful), and with both of us being quite creative, we are opting to personalise everything and do all that we can ourselves. As you can imagine then, the to-do-list is quite endless.

The fact that we are currently living (courtesy of google maps) 2706km away from the wedding venue does not help much either. Planning a wedding from abroad heads the stress list; I really admire couples who opt for a holiday wedding! Cramming all meetings with vendors and providers in week long ‘holidays’ is an experience in itself; trying to set meetings with these said vendors via email is something else entirely. In Gozo we have an ethic of ‘kellemni x’hin taslu’, i.e. contact me when you arrive. The only problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day and out of this, only a few are decent and we would very much prefer spending quality time with our families and friends.

Nonetheless, beggars can’t be choosers. A solution may have been postponing the wedding for when we relocate (semi-?)permanently back to Malta, but that wasn’t really an option for us. We’re too eager to become family ☺

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