To a Year

Every year is characterized by events; however big or small, they shape our core, our very being. At the end of each year, it is not the time that is remembered, but the memory, the memory of something that happened.

2013 was supposed to be the year in-between the three. The mind on New Years Eve may wonder what the year may bring but, amidst music, drinks and the sound of fireworks, it is too naïve to dwell in depth. The truth is that a minute can shift the course of a lifetime; let alone a year.

When in 2012, we started to make wedding arrangements we were told that 2014 will be a busy one. ‘Many couples skipped 2013 as it is deemed unlucky’. We scoffed at the thought. We chose 2014 for our wedding simply because it was more convenient for us.

So was 2013 unlucky? Certainly not.

2013 saw us grow. The love we hold for each other grew; we became more mature.

2013 offered us many lessons. It taught us more about the nature of our independence; how many a times we are still at the mercy of others.

2013 opened our eyes. It jolted us into realizing that we should strive for what we believe in; that life’s realities may not always correspond to this, that unfairness is strife.

2013 explained dreams. Dreams have to be worked for, insisted upon.

2013 ended. And it ended in no way we would have imagined. We were jolted out of our calm routine to a reality that nothing should be taken for granted. We may be here one day, but not the next. Juice every minute you have, use it to your best. This is one piece of advice that I would do well to heed. Lost in life’s trivialities, true happenings may be simply overlooked.

Nonetheless, 2013 gave us memories. We were officially engaged, we skied in the French alps, got close to the Pope, explored the South of Holland, rafted and sailed in Slovenia, hosted friends at home, I bought a wedding dress, we made the best of our time in Gozo, I got attacked by a monkey, we explored Verona, we worked and worked even more, we cooked, we enjoyed Sunday brunches at Room, we made new friends, and most importantly we enjoyed each others’ company all throughout. We certainly could not have asked for more.

The first few minutes of 2014 did not start as planned but, had I the chance to travel in time, I would still not change a thing. It may sound as a cliché, but everything does happen for a reason. We are shaped by our past, each event leaving a trickle or a river of debris. If of gold, or of coal, our being is inadvertently changed.

And this is who we are now. We are our years past, and we will continue to be shaped with the years to come. As we morph towards our culmination, one day we will look past and say, 2014, what a year!

And fibre by fibre, the fabric of the being continues to intertwine shaping an individual. Certainty in life is not so straightforward; certainty in love is all the more clear. My heart grows warm at the thought. Our 2014 is dedicated to love. To us becoming one.


Image Credit: Hush Photographers

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