Welcoming the Nine

It takes nine months to create a new little human being; there’s also nine months left until Rich and I tie the knot. Just as the first nine months lead to a new beginning, so does the latter. So many things can change in this span of time. In the comfort of where we are now, it’s sometimes scary to think of what can come by. Our lives now and our lives pre-2011 cannot be compared. We’ve grown, matured, embarked on new experiences, and most importantly, discovered true love. The latter may sound cheesy, but we really did!

I have realised that the best way by which to cope with everything is to move step by step. Looking at a new experience/task in its entirety will leave you breathless and tired before even starting. Taking life one challenge at a time lets you experience more and stress less. That is how I decided to look at the huge organising task we have ahead of us: one thing at a time; as to our journey, I take it day by day. I look forward to the culmination of it all, but until then, I’m happy with each day, each little moment spent together.

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