Our Light Above

This post is dedicated to a person I never met but whose voice I know so well.

Fate did not allow us the privilege of meeting. Nonetheless, your presence is constantly felt. In your lifetime, you achieved what I aim for: that of leaving a mark on this world.

Your music is testimony to your life, your passions and your love. Your voice reminds Maltese of home, your words and notes evoke longing to those who, like us, reside abroad. Your love for the patria and your love of Love evoke so much sentiment that listening to you is enough to fuel my at times distraught creative spirit.

In five months time, I will take your beloved son as my husband. With him, I will receive a loving mother-in-law, three brothers and nieces and nephews, each with their own characters and joyful nature. I will also receive you as my father-in-law.

In five months time, I will say yes to a man greatly shaped by his father: the music that flows from within, the experiences that shaped him. I have learnt a lot from your son.

I want you to know that he is my rock when life throws storms, my pillar when the earth momentarily shakes. His unfaltering faith gives me reason; reason to believe that in God’s hands, we can all be strong and that the light of life, never fades.

And for him I want to thank you. For we have true reason to believe that you are still with us, assisting us in our ways, sending us signs that yes, you will go on taking care of us.

This post is for you, Happy Birthday Dominic!

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