A non-alcoholic cheer on a Monday

Caught in the throes of Monday blues in imperialistic proportions and a ten-day work backlog which left me without so much as an A4 space on my desk, I turned to the familiar to help me cope.

As a retired snail would probably beat our network connection speed, Jango was not an option and so my salvation came in the form of the special Wintermoods charity CD.

Focusing on work following ten days of back-to-back wedding appointments is never easy; even more so when the smell of summer is already lingering on the island.

It’s amazing though how one song can bring you back to Earth without a painful thud; how it can evoke so many feelings and instil so much positivity than no dose of coffee can match. (Name of song too obvious to note) And so, at some point in the day I was able to focus on my tasks and be thankful for all that we achieved in yet another cram-everything trip back home.

Our biggest headaches this time round concerned marriage documentation, both with regards to the State and Church, and the tent, the very stressful tent.

The former has been almost sorted out; the latter, who knows? All in all, it was a very successful trip ☺

And so, cheers to 95 Days! To us, and smoothies in wine glasses!

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