This post is for you.

I had two options: either wake up early or write into the night. As I am the perfect image of a morning person, I chose the latter.

It’s past midnight and officially your birthday. The last one as a bachelor; the last before the ‘big’ 30! I remember our first weeks. Your first birthday together came in too early in our relationship. I could either shop for a mug or socks. Thank god there was Deb and she suggested a tie ☺ To my naïve self, you seemed much older, much more mature, hence my teasing of 30-4! It’s 30-1 now qalbi; we’re getting old(er)!

So much has changed since then. You turned my world inside out, in the most positive way possible. I have experienced feelings I was previously oblivious to, learnt more about myself as our relationship grew. You helped me open myself to new experiences which, on my own, I might have never embraced. You managed to complete that independent girl who never really had boys on the brain, a girl whose culinary skills stopped short when cupboards emptied of noodles, pasta or the plethora of Barilla sauces. Thanks to you, my menu is now more varied… And so is my life.

Richard, you are my everything. I fell in love with all of you from the very first days and there is no one day where I do not feel that I love you even more. I look forward to our marriage as the day where I pledge everything to you, in front of God, the same God who brought us together in the first place.

And so today, on your last single birthday, I dedicate this song to you: ‘Be Mine’ as you asked me on my 24th birthday, the song which accompanied us through our first summer together in those long days of sun and love, the same song you sent me in our first week. For my heart still grows excited at the thought of you, and a smile still appears out of nowhere. I Love you Gawhra, I love you with the same eagerness as those first days listening to this song whilst driving in the car, warm wind messing up hair, stargazing in the most perfect silence; I love you with the tenderness and completeness of two people who’ve spent every possible moment together; I love you with a love that I never knew I could possess.

Happy Birthday! ❤

From the very first moment I saw you 

That’s when I knew 

All the dreams I held in my heart 

Had suddenly come true

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