Beyond the ‘I Do’

Monday mornings and I are rarely ever on the same page. As I slobber through getting dressed (possibly mismatched), and having a quick breakfast, I resort to my Facebook Newsfeed to regain a connection with the world of consciousness (I know, not very positive).

From the very first days of good weather, my newsfeed has been inundated with weddings of weekend-past. My thoughts immediately go to our own marriage and that is enough to rouse me from my slumber. My newsfeed serves as a reminder of the things we still have to organize, both the obvious and those which can be easily disregarded. And no, it’s not the personalized clothes’ hangers.

A wedding is not simply about the ‘I Do’, and we certainly know so. However, this post is not about the stress of organizing a reception for a burgeoning family or what colour the bridesmaid gowns should be. This post is about an easily overlooked aspect of the church ceremony – the Readings.

Just as all other characteristics of the wedding, the Readings should reflect you as a couple. As we kneel in front of the altar, we both want to relate to and appreciate the message being conveyed.

So this evening we enlisted the help of our good friend Fr Mark and, armed with a Bible, starting searching for those special readings to accompany us in the build-up to the wedding vows.

Of course, I was quite fussy in selecting passages that cannot easily be deemed as sexually discriminatory… I’m a staunch believer in equality. That accomplished, we are both happy with the message that will be delivered. As a whole, the wedding mass will be a striking celebration of us reaching totality in  God’s loving embrace.

I am no authority in giving advice. Nonetheless, to those couples experiencing the same journey as us, we highly recommend cuddling up with a Bible and selecting what matters to you as individuals in a joint spiritual relationship. And for those living in Malta and Gozo, it is not that difficult to enlist the help of a trusted priest to help you out with finding the most appropriate passages. Believe me, its more rewarding than unilaterally ordering petals on e-bay or hangers on Etsy!

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