1001 Reasons to Count Your Blessings

As days smoothly morph into weeks and weeks into months, we have the tendency to succumb to a routine which sees both the little and the big taken for granted.

Just as a network engineer is only regarded when ‘The page cannot be displayed’ pops up instead of Google (Rich can vouch for this), so is the tendency for life to be only appreciated when a hiccup hits or a thunderstorm strikes. And I am also guilty as charged… on both counts unfortunately!

Last weekend was a whirlwind of worry and concern… and heightened levels of love.  Rich ended up in hospital after a simple cough turned sour. The early morning trip to the hospital was a bad dream which could have so easily turned into a nightmare.  Apparently Dutch hospitals segment big time. Our first hospital stop turned into a wrong call as it did not cater for adults. An unknown number of driving illegalities later, we arrived at the right hospital but apparently the wrong entrance. We were requested to walk all along the building to the other side, Rich in tow and in no state to crawl let alone walk.

That whole morning was a gust of ice cold air in a contentedly warm ambience.  Everything I regarded as given was no longer so. What we regard as normality is so very vulnerable; good health can so easily abandon.

Thankfully, the nurses and doctors did a wonderful job and my misconceptions on Dutch healthcare were luckily enough proven amiss. Apart from the major hiccups of actually finding a hospital, the rest of Rich’s stay went smoothly. He also had a nice old non-English speaking Dutch lady keeping him company with flirty winks from across the room.
And so today is Tuesday, exactly 73 Days away from our Big Day; and we’re back in order, counting our blessings all throughout the way!

And by the way, I do love him to infinity and beyond! ❤

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