Mummy Matters

Just a rant (in point form) to keep me going:

  • Cold coffee. Every.single.time.
  • Not fitting in any of your pre-pregnancy jeans. For half an inch.
  • Dropped something whilst babywearing. Forget it.
  • Asking for a babysitter. Because you have to shower.
  • Plan your day. Plan discarded.
  • Diaper change on clean bedsheets. Smart move.
  • New meaning to Procrastination. Actually, expert level.


  • Smiles that light up the world. Even when still dark outside.
  • Most meaningful conversations. In sweetest Gibberish.
  • Baby smell. Beats the most expensive perfume.
  • That face when peacefully asleep. Faith in humanity restored.
  • Saying I love you. Effortlessly. A million times a day.

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