Katrin and the Rainbow Fountain

I was still unsure whether or not to share this, but today is International Day of the Girl, and the reason behind this story is to show Katrin that she can achieve anything she wishes.

Katrin loves books and Mamma loves shopping for them. She also loves bubbles, horses, and her pretty Polarn-O-Pyret watermelon dress. Her unruly curls have become her signature – and she’s ALWAYS barefoot but loves shoes – go figure! This summer, she learnt how to swim with armbands only – she loves the beach and doesn’t want help from anyone when she’s swimming. The first thing she looks for when we go to mum’s, is Max, or Gucci, the two cats.

The story takes place on a little island where the sun always shines. There’s a rainbow there too: a symbol of peace, and inclusivity. We live on a lovely little island with it’s unique good and bad. The freedom the good gives to any child should be celebrated. Even if not too fond of the bright glare of the sun, our little girl is an islander.  In the book, this island is all about peace and harmony, but its peace and harmony that has to be worked for.

The book also pays tribute to an icon that Gozo lost this year and which Katrin will surely not remember: the Azure Window. This landmark was reclaimed back by nature in March and is now safely resting on the seabed. Me and my siblings spent our childhood there and I always thought Katrin would experience the same. Well, nature rules, so we had to opt for a drawing in a little book instead.

Malala. Malala is a symbol of strength in adversity, a powerful but humble figure on the necessity of education, the empowerment it brings – a role model for any girl. I hope to help Katrin be the person she wants to be, to grow into an individual knowing that she can achieve anything she sets her heart to. I just hope that this little story helps in that journey.

Mamma loves you Katrin. Fly high my little girl.



(I am currently looking into ways through which to make ‘Katrin and the Rainbow Fountain’ more widely available. Watch this space for updates and thank you for supporting this little project!)

This book wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the never-ending illustrating talents of Antoine; my husband’s patience and design skills, and JDB, for having it printed and bound in a few hours on time for Katrin’s birthday party. 

Katrin’s dress in the book was inspired by Polarn-O-Pyret.

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