What to look out for as a Rhesus Negative Mum-To-Be

If you’re rhesus negative, pregnant, and prone to google everything, here’s some summarised help on the important bits in relation to your rhesus status.

To my one year old

Mummy can’t help but feel nostalgic. Listening to others sing you happy birthday sends me into a rapid flight back to the day of your birth. I never felt as empowered – or as vulnerable – as that perfect Sunday morning. It also sends me into a frenzy of emotions. Here you are, much loved…

Sweating Through Summer with a Baby

The 10-minute process of putting on a swimsuit, grabbing a towel and driving to the beach has now become an hour long procedure of packing half the house and chasing a fast-crawling ten month old with a swimming pull up and frilly swimsuit. Oh, and did I mention? Apparently swimming diapers don’t hold pee.

Judged Either Way: Mums on Trial

The stress on new mums continues to mount. As a substantial part of the population has made it a point to inundate the rest with the breastfeeding in public debate, one reality is left in the void: Mums who formula-feed in public are pressured too. No one prepares new mums for the probable emotional rollercoaster…